Was 2020 the year of the start up?

When you are in secure full-time employment it can be daunting to consider starting up your own business and walking away from the security of a stable income. When the pandemic hit, and huge waves of people were furloughed all of a sudden uncertainty became the norm. It looks as though this uncertainty gave [...]

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Why has Desk.Space changed in the last 12 months?

Like many businesses we have had to adapt throughout the pandemic. Firstly, we changed the layout of our offices and reduced capacity, we increased the cleaning schedules and offered all our members additional supplies. Whilst these measures were of course necessary, we started to see a more fundamental shift towards a different kind of [...]

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Why does lockdown 3.0 feel so different?

We are a month into lockdown 3.0, how’s everyone doing? Used to the routine by now or longing for the freedom to be able to go the supermarket twice in the same day?! All joking aside though, how are you finding the lockdown is affecting you, have you been able to adjust? In the [...]

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What will be of co-working in the future?

Let’s be straight, office working has really changed. With some reports suggesting the social distancing guidelines will be with us until 2022, we need to accept the “New Normal” is here to stay, whether we want to or not. Before March we had both Hope Works and Mowbray Street full of entrepreneurs, remote working [...]

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How has lockdown been for your business?

  ......We asked Joe at Whistle Video to tell us about his experience… The UK and Sheffield are slowly starting to return back to ‘old’ work lives in this ‘new normal’ environment. The world turned upside down in March and I don’t think any of us had any idea that it would last this [...]

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