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Do you have a cleaner?2021-04-17T13:31:19+01:00

Yes absolutely. Local independents

Do have a shredder?2021-04-14T10:51:36+01:00

Not in every building but let us know if you’d like to bring a small shredder of your own for occasional use, or if you regularly need to shred in larger quantities.

Can I make a noise?2021-04-14T10:51:10+01:00

When is a noise a noise too far? For this and other philosophical musings, chat to us when you make your enquiry

Can I have deliveries sent to the office?2021-04-14T10:50:39+01:00

Yes. If it’s pizza even better

Are you open at weekends?2021-04-14T10:49:54+01:00

If you want to work weekends, who are we to stop you! No problem.

I only need the space for a few months, is this allowed?2021-04-14T10:49:04+01:00

Of course. You are only ever tied in for a month or a as long as you agreed when you booked.

Who else uses your Coworking office?2021-04-14T10:47:21+01:00

A really nice bunch of people! We have a mixture of employed, self-employed, team and student DeskSpace users

Can I use the space for just a couple of days per week?2021-04-14T10:46:01+01:00

Please talk to us if this is something you’d like

How many desks do you have?2021-04-14T10:45:30+01:00

We are currently operating on a reduced capacity due to covid restrictions but pre-covid:-

  • DS1 Hope Works – 12 coworking or private offices.
  • DS2 West Bar – 18 coworking desks or private offices.
  • DS3 Krynkl – 6 Krynkl Ko-working desks or private office space.
Can you invoice my employer instead of me directly?2021-04-14T10:44:58+01:00

Absolutely. Please let us know when you book.

How much notice do I need to give in order to quit?2021-04-14T10:44:32+01:00

One month.

Can I trial for a day?2021-04-14T10:43:59+01:00

Of course! Just ask.

What’s the minimum rental term?2021-04-14T10:43:33+01:00

Just one month

Are there any hidden charges?2021-04-14T10:43:09+01:00

No. The cost covers everything you need. We’re dead honest like that.

Are there printing facilities?2021-04-14T10:42:19+01:00

We encourage paperless working but you will have access to a printer if necessary.    You are more than welcome to bring your own printer – please just let us know so we can accommodate the same.

Can I leave my computer equipment?2021-04-14T10:41:47+01:00

Yes. It is your desk, but we take no responsibility for damage or loss.   Please ensure you have private insurance to cover this.

Are the premises locked?2021-04-14T10:40:50+01:00


Can I bring clients to the office?2021-04-14T10:40:10+01:00

Due to covid restrictions we ask that meetings are carried out in the meeting room at DS2 or in the private offices.

Am I allowed to make/take calls in the coworking space?2021-04-14T10:39:36+01:00

Our co-workers understand that everyone has to take/make occasional call but if you are very telephone based then we can help you decide on the right space that would more suited for you.

Is it cheaper per month if the month included a bank holiday?2021-04-14T10:38:41+01:00

No, we charge a flat rate that covers all bills and a dedicated month.

When does the period start?2021-04-14T10:37:47+01:00

We usually suggest a free trial day and following this, you would be welcome to start immediately.   We will bill you on ad hoc basis until the end of the month and then you will begin a monthly rolling subscription from the 1st of the month.

Will anyone else use my desk?2021-04-14T10:36:39+01:00

Never. Your desk is dedicated to you.

Can I register my business here?2021-04-14T10:35:53+01:00

Yes – please chat to us if you plan to do this.

Can I have mail sent here?2021-04-14T10:35:00+01:00

Yes of course

Is there a private room to make calls?2021-04-14T10:34:26+01:00

The DS2 meeting room can be used (if available) and there is a quiet booth at DS3.

Is there a meeting room?2021-04-14T10:33:25+01:00

Yes, there is a meeting room at DS2.
All Desk.Space members from all three venues can book and use this space.

Is the internet any good?2021-04-14T10:29:53+01:00

Yes, there is superfast broadband at all three venues.

Do you have any parking facilities?2021-04-14T10:28:45+01:00

Free car parking is available at DS1.

There is on street parking available around DS2 and DS3

What are the opening hours2021-04-14T10:25:31+01:00

Ds2 and DS3 have 24 hour access.

DS1 is 9am to 5pm but if you require it for outside of these hours then we are happy to discuss accommodating the same

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