Since the recent changes in lock down restrictions and further updates from No 10, we decided to get our heads together and draw up some ideas of what might work for our co-workers at DS1 Mowbray Street, DS2 West Bar and DS3 Krynkl. We took the decision to close the doors for the lockdown period, and made sure we’ve been in touch with everyone in between and on our social channels. And speaking of staying on social, we are very happy to report signs of life returning to Kelham Island! Favourites like Domo have been on the City Grab app and Gaard opened last week too, just to name a couple.

We’re a little too early to reopen but we’d like to be able to get things ready now so that anyone who wants to come back in can do, and, can do it safely.

At this point these are just our ideas so we would love your input too. If you can think of anything that might work for our buildings, please get in touch with us. We are determined to make sure that everyone who wants to come back to work at Desk.Space can but we want to ensure the highest possible standards of safety first. We want you to know that our main priority is the health and well-being of everyone who works with us.

So in no particular order these are ideas we are considering so far:-

  • We are redrawing layout plans for the co-working rooms, to enable social distancing.
  • Potentially we’ll stagger the times that different people come into the building to work and we may have to set a limit on the total occupancy at any one time. We know this might take a bit of work to get right but we thought it was an idea worth looking into.
  • Increased cleaning – we will arrange for increased professional cleans to take place with a particular focus on key touch points and sanitisation and a new risk assessment completed for each building.
  • Complimentary individual Desk.Space sets for all co-workers! Your own supply of hand soap, hand sanitiser, disinfectant, wipes, disposable hand towels and toilet rolls with bins under each desk.
  • Providing disposable but recyclable cutlery and cups.
  • We will provide everyone with a checklist of what we can all do as individuals to help keep the building clean, work safely and stop the spread.
  • Entry points to have social distancing markers
  • Useful signage to help us all stay on top of our responsibilities in reducing the spread
  • Ways that we can keep the building well ventilated. We know some windows don’t open in DS2 so we will look at ways we can get fans to keep the air flowing.
  • Washable facemasks
  • As ever but with a special emphasis during Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be supportive and communicative about mental health as a real issue for lone working during COVID-19 lock down

Office Layouts Changed
Increased Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
Increased Cleaning Arranged
New Procedures and Policies In Place

What are your thoughts, do you want to go back into a communal workplace when we are told it is possible? 

Do you feel that we need to do more? 

We are open to suggestions and are keen to get as many people involved as possible in the process, so please get in touch.