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With numbers of entrepreneurs on the increase in the UK and the cost of services ever increasing, there is little wonder coworking is on the rise in the UK. Throw the recent COVID-19 pandemic in the mix and we now have a mass movement towards virtual and remote working. It’s no surprise that businesses and individuals alike are searching for a hub and spoke model in flexible space rather than traditional commercial office contracts.

….and entrepreneurs

Spaces ideal for early stage entrepreneurs

For owner managed businesses where it’s just you running the show (we’ve been there!), co-working is where entrepreneurs share a communal workspace to carry out day-to-day tasks. In a review undertaken by Harvard Business Review in 2018, workers in shared workspaces were found to be one point happier than their counterparts on a 7 point scale, averaging a score of 6! Why is this? Let’s take a look.

Firstly, there’s the matter of cost. Whilst not always top of everyone’s list, for entrepreneurs starting out for the first time, keeping costs down is essential. Although having an office isn’t a ‘must’ it is definitely a ‘want’ and coworking helps to do it in an affordable way. Your charge is not only lower than a traditional office but it also gives access 24/7 – perfect for those of us who don’t want to feel tied to normal office hours but want to leave work at work and have our personal lives at home.

Next, there’s the matter of feeling like part of a community. Working from home isn’t for everyone. Going to an office space where other like-minded people are busy at work motivates us to do the same. It also isn’t unheard of for workers in shared spaces to pitch in and help out a fellow coworker when the need arises. When we say it’s a community we mean it!

Likewise, with your business development hat on, it is far easier to recommend a business if we know how they work. What better way to see how they work than sharing an office? Sharing space can result in getting to know someone better than the standard networking groups as you can grab lunch together without making a special trip and taking out a large section of your day. What we’re saying is if you’re looking for leads or for great contacts, you can find them here.

A final point to consider is the trend for some large, even international companies to jump on board and rent space in communal offices. For many, these are outposts in addition to full office blocks where they can work alongside and make links with many start-up and tech based businesses.  We’re talking companies like KPMG. And as far as we can see this is a trend that’s only going to get bigger.

Ready to join us?

So if we haven’t made it clear enough yet, if you have a new business or you’re working remotely, trying coworking should be on your list of things to-do, and we guess as you’ve landed on this page, you’re up for it!

So whether you’re convinced or curious, a week’s trial with us is totally free and no obligation.Simply complete the form below and your new office will be ready and waiting!

It’s all included…..

  • 24 hours access – 7 days a week – Your office where you work your way

  • Your own desk and work area – we don’t let others use your space while you’re out. Even pre-COVID this was a house rule.

  • Free wifi. Say. No. More

  • Access to private meeting room for your use. When you want to invite others in to meet you or your need a team catch up it’s bookable online and at no extra cost.

  • Access to showers – for the fit amongst us. Extra cleaning required due to COVID but we’re on it.

  • Proximity to the coolest places in town ie the Kelham Island Quarter. We can’t take credit for them but hey we got you within walking distance

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