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According to The Telegraph, the “novelty of homeworking is (sic) on the wane” as “remote staff pay for shared office space to escape working from home”. Their recent story goes into some detail, describing the change in people’s attitudes to homeworking. From the the isolation from colleagues, the disconnect from an environment that feels like a workplace, and the difficulties mentally balancing home and work life when you never actually leave the house. Homeworking may not be working even for its previous fans.

We know, from personal and shared experiences with coworkers and small businesses alike, a lot of us have done a shift or seven at the kitchen table, juggled the school run with the strategy call and washing with the work in progress updates.

Not everyone feels the negatives override the flexibility or time and financial savings. But lots of people do and not just since the pandemic and lockdown. Coworking and flexible office space was riding high long before enforced office closures and the seismic shift on home working across multiple industries.

Interestingly The Telegraph’s article hinges on the fact employees are finding their work spaces themselves. There’s something people want and miss about ‘going to work’. From our experience coworking prices are generally affordable to all, whether freelancers or small businesses or employed individuals or teams. Costs are low, include bills and do not fix people in for lengthy periods. So low in fact we’ve found that employers actually foot the bill for those remote workers who want a workspace! Worth asking the question to your firm we’d say if you are looking for separation between work and home – and have some work mates again!

Read The Telegraph’s full article here Working from home – The Telegraph

Our trial days can be booked any time, and are absolutely free with no obligation. Whether you or a firm would then pick up the bill is simple. Get in touch if you‘d like to see if coworking works for you. Whether you want to be in some of the time or all of the time, you can choose. Coworking in flexible offices provides an affordable answer for everyone’s work patterns.

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