The top pet hates about working from home

Although the move to work from anywhere has been brilliant, everyone encounters similar struggles so it’s no surprise that some people choose a flexible office to work from.  We’ve gathered the most frequently mentioned pet hates about working from home below. Can you relate?

Work life balance

Not being able to separate worklife and homelife. When is it home time when you’re already home! Although it’s great not having to travel, psychologically you can get stuck in a rut and need to get outside more often. It’s good to have a choice of where to work and see different places in a day we say.

Technical hitches

Issues with broadband connectivity – dodgy wifi can waste so much time. When computer runs slow or just says no, days drag and projects and deadlines get stuck. Not to mention the problems it causes on joining video calls, although sometimes we have erm, heard, that isn’t always a bad thing.

Can anybody hear me?

Likewise, mobile phone signals can also play havoc with work, nothing worse than having to stand at the bottom of the garden on one leg in the rain just to check in with the client!

Feeling alone

Not seeing people face to face could go on for days for some people and as social creatures we do need to have a bit of a conversation here and there. So while Dave’s fishing holiday and Laura’s hen-do might not be your cup of tea, having those little chats and office in-jokes can be sorely missed. In some cases, working from home can lead to loneliness so knowing an affordable local workplace option is available is really useful.


Pets, deliveries and family members (need we say more).

Cost of living crisis

Saving money on bills – with a special thanks to the cost of living crisis! Most flexible offices include all utilities, facilities and sometimes lovely little extras as part of the cost to use a desk or a space. With bills as high as they are, it can be a savvy move to use an office space.

Have we missed any? Clearly having the option to work from anywhere, especially from home, is fab. It just might not be great all the time and that’s where flexible office space steps in. Low cost and low commitment offices as and when you need them.

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